Great Website/Info for Self-Published Authors

Reblogging on Mudder of Dragons. These are a lot of great resources, thank you!



I was scouring the internet last night for information and tips about marketing and how to release my next book (cover reveal, etc.), and I stumbled upon a website, which was amazing. I just wanted to share it with all my fellow writers, in case it could be of use to anyone else as well!

What is great about this website is that the author has compiled a very organized list with hyperlinks to the sources/info they are sharing. For instance,

  1. Free Promotions/Giveaways – There are links to websites that help authors promote their books- ones I had never heard of (aside from the obvious Goodreads). Such as,
  2. Crowdsourcing– Links to sites for this topic
  3. Advertising – a list of FREE links. Such as:
  4. Interviews– a list of websites that interview authors. Such as:
  5. REVIEWS –
  6. Book Tour
  7. Showcase/Sell

There are 119 links to websites…

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