Hatches – BATTENED

There’s a Tropical Storm/Depression/Hurricane/Whatever heading our way tonight – Hermine will be paying us a little visit in the next few hours.


Honestly, Central Florida encounters worse than this all the time. We are supposed to just get the mildest of rain bands, and a lot of thunder and whatnot. I am expecting a lot of rain, and possibly my tiny car to be battered about by the wind as I make my 3-mile drive home after work, but not much more than that. At worst, my power goes out, and since I naturally wake up at 5 AM* I’m not too concerned about being late to work tomorrow–although showering without a water heater sucks. And I won’t be able to make my breakfast like I normally do. I hope that’s the worst that happens, anyway.

If you are expecting a visit from the storm, I hope it is as mild as possible! Stay safe!

Have you ever been in a hurricane or other natural disaster? What was it like? 

*In defiance of all that is good and just in the world. It doesn’t matter what time I got to bed, I always wake up at 5, although I can sometimes go back to sleep.