A Night Cap

Working on a longer blog post about something else entirely, but I wanted to show you this little 2 and a half minute video I found on Youtube. It’s amazing some of the beautiful little things you can run across there, if you’re patient enough to wade through the oceans of garbage. As I find them I’ll try to remember to post them here, if they’re available.

It’s a moving, bittersweet video containing Yann Tiersen’s music from Amelie, depicting a scant few moments in a life. Enjoy, but bring a hankie.

I hope you’re having a great weekend–good night!

Author: jennnanigans

Orlando-area writerly person.

3 thoughts on “A Night Cap”

    1. Great call! In some ways ‘Up’ for me was over after the first 15 minutes–the rest of the movie is still a beautiful offering of adventure and growing up, but that first vignette functions like a mini-movie all on its own.

      1. Absolutely. I thought that was a pretty interesting way to start a film, and on paper, I wouldn’t have thought it could work. But somehow it did!

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