Nugget: Inception

When I have neither the time nor inclination to write a full review, I write a nugget. Sometimes its because what I saw needs percolation time and to try and write a full review doesn’t do the film justice; other times its because the film isn’t quite worth all the work of a full review.

Nugget: Inception.

This. This right here was worth the price of admission.

Everything you’ve heard is true: this is the best movie of the summer and you should see it immediately. It warrants seeing two or three times, but I’ll have to wait for video for that.

It is continually amazing to me what Christopher Nolan is doing with movies. How is what he does and what, say, Uwe Boll does the same medium? How?

But yeah, see it.

See it NOW.

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2 thoughts on “Nugget: Inception”

  1. We saw this yesterday (yay matinees!) and I can’t think of the last time I was truly riveted to a film for 3 hours. I do tend to involuntarily nod off after a while, in the comfy darkness. And although the story is pretty epic, it all takes place in such a tightly woven universe with such a small cast of characters, I was amazed. Also, I noticed how fantastic the music was at a couple of points in the film, and I thought to myself, “I must find out who the score composer is! It sounds like Hans Zimmer’s industrial apprentice, surely it isn’t Hans Zimmer himself, I’ve never heard him use atmospheric scraping electric guitar before.” But I was wrong, it was Mr. Zimmer! I’m going to have to find out if I can buy the score. So good.

    1. It was so, so good. I watch probably 500 movies and TV shows in a year, and my mouth almost never hangs open in shock, but all during the spinning hallway battle I was just sitting there catching flies. Amazing.

      And that Joseph-Gorden Leavitt! He’s turning into a right little acting dynamo–he’s so flawless in his transitions! And adorable in his vests and ties!

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