Hola, friends!

I’m back! 

I never really went away, but just got busy with life. I got laid off from my old job and in an unprecedented stroke of luck, immediately found another that’s keeping me very busy.

Things are well! I’ve traveled a teeny bit, and, in big life news, will be taking some classes through my alma mater in order to get a professional writing certificate. So that’s going to be keeping me quite busy, as well. It was actually a compromise – I realized that I didn’t want to go back to school for anything other than an MFA in Creative Writing, which is my passion and what I love. Getting a Master’s in technical writing or instructional design would bore me to death, and that’s not what I was made for, anyway. 

So I just wanted to throw something up here and say that yes, I’m still alive and keeping busy! 

I hope YOU have been well! 😀 




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2 thoughts on “Hola, friends!”

  1. Welcome back! I was worried about your initial statement of being laid off (always sad to hear things like that) but was immediately delighted that you bounced on to other employment.

    Best regards on getting your MFA.

  2. Thank you! And yes, it is always sad, but lemons, lemonade, close doors, open doors, etc. I will be checking in more frequently for sure though! And thank you, I shall do my best!

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