The Next Phase of the Plan, OR, Why I Gave Up On a Social Life

Just more of what I’ve been up to!

Mudder of Dragons

The second draft of my novel is (a few pages away from being) COMPLETE!!! And last night I sketched out my idea for the book cover – it’s fairly simple without being boring, I think. I just hope it’ll work within the Createspace template.

The first draft swelled to 190k, pulsated there for a while, and has been cut down to 175. I’m QUITE pleased with it so far. I can go to a page at random and feel happy with what’s there. The ending has proved the hardest to get right – I want the reader to get closure, but still want more, of course. I hung a little self-made sign over my desk with a series of important bullet points, the first of which is: “Your readers are visiting this world; they should want to come back!”

The next phase includes:

  • Add in a few final bits and pieces

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