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Mudder of Dragons

Dear Readers,

As you may or may not know, I am in the middle of a major writing project.

In 2011, I wrote and self-published a book on Amazon Createspace. I grew up with stories and writing and fiction, and even majored in it at college, and yet I didn’t seriously pursue it as a career. I flat out barely even tried before I gave up on publishing, but the stories wouldn’t go away. I’d stop and start them, and must have a few dozen of various lengths and stages of completion. Finally, I decided to try self-publishing, just to get the stories out of my head, and released the book amid what can kindly be termed a delusion of impending grandeur.

Although I had high hopes, I was also unsurprised when it failed to set the literary world on fire.

The only reason I sold any copies was because I have wonderfully…

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