Geeking Out About : Vamp

Ikeke35 has written up a magnificent piece about the magic that is Grace Jones in Vamp. Go check it out!

Geeking Out about It

Grace jones has a new book arriving in a little bit: I’ll Never Write My Memoirs. I don’t think I mentioned just how much I love this woman. She was one of the primary influences of my teen years. I watched her movies and collected all her albums. She taught me that you can’t be your authentic self, unless you love and embrace your self first, flaws and all. I figured, if she could do that and get love from everybody else, I could at least be it and love myself.

All of the Pop singers we know today, owe at least some credit to Grace. Without her there’d be no Kim, no Miley, no Nicky, no Gaga, no Kanye, no Marilyn Manson. And probably no me,either. A lot of my attitude towards the world is informed just by her existence in it. Grace is a true, authentic Diva, even…

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