Halloween and the Kitchen Sink Week: The Nightmare Before Christmas

You should see it.
That is all.

October is Horror Movie month, where we let down our hair and celebrate all things macabre and scary! Not that we don’t during the rest of the year, but still… HORROR MOVIES! People who don’t like horror are encouraged to check back November 1st for less bloody and/or disturbing films. For everyone else, let’s put on our galoshes and WADE INTO THE MIRE!

We’re switching gears yet again with Halloween and the Kitchen Sink Week – this week’s entries all include Halloween or its trappings in some way, AND they will be much shorter in length. There’s not much logic to their selection, so don’t think that I’m intentionally leaving things out – these movies put me in the Halloween spirit for whatever reason. It’s the final countdown to Halloween, so throw some candy in a bag, put on your walking shoes and come trick or treating!

I was going to review Tim Burton’s classic, immortal The Nightmare Before Christmas but I’m literally having too much fun carving my pumpkin and getting ready for tonight, so here’s my super short review:

  • You should see it.
  • That is all.

If you haven’t, watch it tonight! It’s not scary– just a wonderful, joyous celebration of all things spooky, ooky and kooky. Here’s the opening song to get you and everyone else in the mood!

Happy Halloween, y’all!

Have fun tonight, and if you can’t be good, be careful! 

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