Hollywood : Whitewashing (Part III)

LKeke has done an amazing job summarizing some of the recent problematic depictions of People of Color in the MCU, films, and television. She has also provided some VERY informative links to articles unpacking these controversies. Please check them out!

Geeking Out about It

Normally, I like to celebrate and geek out about the things Hollywood is getting right but lately there has been a number of serious fuckups that have been pointed out, showing that the PTB in Hollywood are seriously out of  touch with the rest of the American people, and need to get their shit together, or undergo some serious diversity training.

I know I’ve mentioned  before what a huge behemoth Hollywood is and how it can be slow to change. The problem with that theory is that even in situations where Hollywood has the time to make different types of choices, it doesn’t. I understand that often films are years in the making and the films that have been released this year are sometimes cast months (in some cases years) in advance, so I will give a tiny bit of leeway in that direction, as Hollywood probably has not fully…

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Author: jennnanigans

Orlando-area writerly person.

2 thoughts on “Hollywood : Whitewashing (Part III)”

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