Game of Thoughts: Oathbreaker (6.3)

Hello and welcome to Game of Thoughts! This is a feature in which I do little, rambly recaps of the night’s episode.  They are nothing more than a recap and chance for GoT fans to have a bit of a natter and react as situations permit. They were inspired by the incredible, in-depth and insightful posts of Patrick Sponaugle, except his are intelligent and mine are just squeeing. They WILL contain spoilers.

Let’s DO THIS!

NOTE:  I had a lot of personal stuff going on this weekend and I’m so tired my brains are like lukewarm oatmeal, so today’s recap is going to be a little light.


  • Jon’s back! And he’s joking with Edd! Yayyyy! Been a while since that face cracked a smile. And now the Wildlings think he’s a god! That’s awesome, because he’s going to need some support when he TOTALLY RETAKES WINTERFELL. I bet he meets up with Sansa and they raise the north AND the Iron Islands because Theon will get Yara to help. Or something. I don’t know I’m just overstimulated.
  • The Small Council Scene – I actually laughed when it was just Jaime and Cersei and Dead Mountain in there. It looked like a depressing birthday party, but that’s what happens when you alienate everyone around you. Which leads me to…
  • The Mountain hears you. Oh  yes. And I am looking forward to seeing who the Faith Militant trot out to take him on. Everyone’s money is on the Hound – I don’t like that idea only because that would put the Hound on the side of the Sparrows and they are terrible. If he shows up with a star burned in his head I will be as sad as a kid at a depressing birthday party.
  • Jonathan Pryce’s casting as the High Sparrow continues to be a highlight of the season. He’s so earnest and yet you aren’t sure what he’s really earnest about: his belief in the gods, or his belief that he’s the only one they talk to. Generally, the latter type of religious personality doesn’t have other people’s best interests in mind.
  • Arya – Arya Stark Has Reentered the Game.
  • Varys – You are beautiful. NEVER change. Although I figured he would be more of a player than he is – he seems kind of stuck along with everyone else whereas previously he was pulling all the strings. Has he got a secret Ace he’s holding back? I hope so!


  • SHAGGYDOG!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! Although I’m pretty sure that head wasn’t big enough to be a Dire Wolf. Fingers crossed they have him stashed somewhere and he’s going to leap out and eat Ramsay. I want to  believe the Umbers are in on this. I refuse to believe that Usha would be dumb enough to get herself and Rickon captured by Umbers’ men. The only reason she was caught before was because she was in the company of idiots. But Yay Natalie Tena being back! She’s so great.
  • Ramsay. Watching Umber dress him down was delightful, even if Umber is terrible. Although Ramsay’s hair is on point, I must say. He’s the best looking psychopath. He ought to play Dahmer some day.


  • The Tower of Joy battle felt a little… I don’t know, weird? I didn’t care for there being music, and when Arthur Dayne drew two swords it stretched credibility. I’m no swords master but fighting five dudes at once would necessitate more defense. You have to watch your opponent’s eyes in a fight, and the  more there are the harder it is to defend. Or maybe I’m full of shit, I don’t know. I’m also not sure Bran would care so much if he saw Howland Reed stab someone in the back. It seems that he should know by now fights to the death are ugly and not like his nurse’s stories of honorable knights at all. I’m probably just picking nits.

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9 thoughts on “Game of Thoughts: Oathbreaker (6.3)”

  1. Okay, first off: overstimulated Jenn is the best Jenn. It is known.

    I love you calling the twins plus Silent Bob as looking like a depressing birthday party. It’s like I can see the balloons, the sad Balon’s, and one popping on Gregor’s armor.

    So, Umbers. I was very much into how he wouldn’t kowtow to Ramsay. Osha and Rickon were sent to the Umbers by Bran, so not a lot of work would be needed if the Smalljon decided to trade them to the Boltons. That’s quite a betrayal of guests.

    Is this a long con? If so, it’s a dangerous gamble. I just don’t know.

    Although I have the utmost respect for you, we’ll have to disagree on the Tower of Joy. I was really happy with how it was presented (even if we didn’t get 7 Northmen against 3 kingsguard- but 6 vs 2 is close.)

    Dayne didn’t have the ‘greatsword’ Dawn, but the sword in his right hand was Dawn, it had a sun on the pommel. That detail made me happy.

    And Dayne owning the fight, with Ned about to die, but Howland Reed, who went down early by playing possum, totally snookered Dayne.

    I’m not surprised that Bran was shocked. In the books, Ned told Bran that Arthur Dayne was the finest knight who ever lived, and would have killed Ned in the fight if not for Howland Reed. Ned is totally not a storyteller, so Bran probably imagined the fight as much more … honorable? In reading the books, particularly the ToJ chapter, Ned’s associations about the Dayne family is tinged with sadness and regret. I liked how the show presented it, with Ned finishing off the horribly wounded Dayne with a merciful swift death.

    Your feelings are of course valid, and I will chastise anyone who says your feelings are wrong. I am sorry it wasn’t that great for you, I can only tell you that it got me all excited.

    I wasn’t surprised that the Three Eyed Raven frustrated us all by pulling Bran away. Nooooooooo!

    Thank you for the recap, I have enjoyed them all, and look forward to talking more Game of Thrones with you. We’re nearly a third of the way though season six.

    1. First of all, there aren’t enough likes or stars or whatever for this comment. It’s AWESOME.
      Smalljon – Some smart person on I09 pointed out that Smalljon very carefully did NOT swear to Ramsay. Since northerners take honor seriously, that is an interesting key point and possible foreshadowing that Ramsay’s days are even more numbered.
      ToJ fight scene – I can get behind why people love it. Like I said, I’m no swordmaster. I’ve fooled around with rattan sticks but if someone can manage two swords at once, more power to them! Nice to see Little Ned get down.
      Bran – I think I was forgetting that we’ve spent less time with show Bran than book Bran, who has developed more as a character by this point. Or maybe this scene will be happening in TWOW and he’ll finally let go of his illusions about honor and whatnot. And you’re right, Ned wasn’t the kind of dude to describe something in detail, especially something he was ashamed of, so Bran probably saw the fight as Rocky IV when really it was more like Million Dollar Baby.
      YES! Talking the show while it’s live is SO MUCH FUN, but your posts are awesome because everyone’s had time to think and process, and also we all find out if our theories are true! 😀

    1. When you play the Game of Thrones, your Autocorrect recognizes names like Balon. There is no middle ground. 😀

  2. I’m hoping we get more flashback scenes to the past throughout this season and that we don’t have to wait seasons and seasons for them to actually matter to time traveling Bran and the present/future he is trying to shape.

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