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I’m on my way to get frozen yogurt with friends. Or actually just watch them eat, since I can’t eat sugar and sugar-free fro-yo tastes like exisential ennui feels. Still! I’m out of the house!

I’m working on a big Penny Dreadful post for Thursday. I have over 1600 words, and am trying to get it into something other than the massive info dump it currently is.

In the meantime, please enjoy this bunch of fangirl stuff in honor of my current Imaginary Boyfriend, The Creature/Caliban/John Clare.


I have no explanation. This is just where I am this week.

And for your listening pleasure, the Calibaniest of Caliban Songs, an acoustic version of Rozz Williams and Gitane Demone’s Flowers. Rozz Williams was the lead singer for Christian Death, and was one of the grandfathers of the goth movement before he killed himself at 34. So, that. Anyway! Here’s the song! I think Caliban would enjoy moping to it.

From Blake’s “Auguries of Innocence” 

John Clare on Tinder – “Favorite things: sitting in a darkened tunnel full of cholera sufferers and quoting Blake, being on the lowest rung of society, suffering (mine and trying to prevent yours), misinterpreting social cues”


THERE. All the fangirl is out. Except it isn’t – I’m planning to cosplay as John Clare at Orlando’s Spooky Empire convention, because the costume would be fun to make and I haven’t dressed up for a con in a long, long time. I went after work to a local special effects makeup studio and got some makeup, a bald cap, and some pointers from the shop’s owner. The black clothes I pretty much already have, I just need a coat, wig, and yellow contacts.

I’m in quite a cheerful mood lately. I’m on my way to get frozen yogurt with friends for someone’s birthday. Or actually just watch them eat, since I can’t eat sugar and sugar-free fro-yo tastes like existential ennui feels. Still! I’m out of the house!

Please tune in Thursday for an actual review of Showtime’s wonderful horror melodrama!

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6 thoughts on “Stay Tuned!”

  1. There’s just too much TV. We stopped watching Penny Dreadful in the middle of season 1, and never returned to it. 🙁

    I’m glad you love it, and I’m looking forward to reading your post!

    1. It’s def a gear-switch from GoT, but I do hope you get back into it.
      Yay! I hope you enjoy it! 😀

  2. LOVE John Claire as well. I Binge watched the entire series this summer and cant wait for the next round! All the Characters were a twist on the originals, I loved that!!

    1. Hi there! Thanks, yes, I love him too lol!
      Yes, they all put a very fun spin on the original characters and stories. So creative.
      Did you see the 3rd season yet? I wrote up my thoughts on it, but if you haven’t seen the season then do avoid, there are copious spoilers.
      Thanks for leaving a comment! 😀

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