Florida, Meet Matthew

There is another hurricane bearing down on Orlando. Hurricane Matthew is currently a Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson scale as it batters the Bahamas right now. It is expected to drop to a 3, then rev back up to a 4 again by the time it hits Orlando.

It’s not a storm, it’s the damned Babadook

My house is as secured as it can be. I have water, plenty of food for me and Herzog, all my outside stuff is secured, and I’m going to get my computer/electronics cables off the floor, just in case of flooding. At work, I have bagged up just about all the computers on my aisle (I’m the only one on my aisle, as everyone else has either left or is working from home) and before I leave the office I’ll bag up my computer and my personal stuff, in case the roof leaks or we lose a window.

I’m not panicked, but I’m worried. I’d rather be safe and do a little more prep than is necessary than be sorry if this thing goes sideways.

I’m not worried about leaks or anything in my house, but I *am* worried about the giant live oaks that are standing over it. These trees are huge and old, and have weathered storms before… but every tree has a life span, and I hope none of them end theirs during this one. Or if they do, they fall away from my little house, into the street and not onto my or anyone else’s car or house.

As there’s a very real chance I will lose power, I will have to postpone Friday’s intended post. I’ll try to let y’all know once things settle down!

Be safe, wherever you are! 


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9 thoughts on “Florida, Meet Matthew”

  1. I saw that image last night, and I thought this storm is actually Ghost Rider. We’re battened down here, but mostly I’m just bored and wish it would get on with it. I expect to lose power at some point, but I think that’ll be the worst of it. See you on the other side!

    1. it did quite a bit of damage in North Carolina. They were expecting it to do a lot in South Carolina, but I think hitting North Carolina like it did was a bit of a surprise. And I saw the image you have up there too. Very spooky. A warning perhaps of just how vicious this storm would be to people. I live in Indiana and tornadoes are our enemy the most in weather disasters, yet, when these hurricanes hit, sometimes flash floods come our way. I am not hearing that for us as of yet. That image is really spooky!

      1. Hi there, nice to meet you!
        Yes, I’ve heard about the tornadoes in Indiana and elsewhere. They happen during hurricanes too.
        Indeed! When I heard about the skull image on the radio I thought they were exaggerating, but it’s very clearly a scary face. Just in time for Halloween, heh.
        It hit Haiti pretty hard too. Hopefully if it loops back it won’t be so powerful.
        Thank you for the comment! 😀

    2. We made it! Yaaaaayyy!! Heh, full post on the hurricane in progress, I just now saw this comment. Hope you all made it through unscathed!

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