“I’m trying to find a word…”

“…to describe this election without being disrespectfullllll…. “*


Hopefully you noticed my lack of posts during October, which is usually my busiest month. The reason, simply put, is that the American election is going on this year and the possibility of my country flying into a chasm of corruption, racism, cronyism, and orange sludge has been massively getting me down.


I already voted. Early voting opened on my birthday, so my treat to myself was a big, moist slice of chocolate-frosted DEMOCRACY. I do think that election day should be a holiday so everyone can participate, but I suppose it would be awkward for employers since Veteran’s Day is the same week and some people get that day off (I do this year!) and others don’t. Plus Thanksgiving is the same month, and that is its own complication for employment schedules.

I’ve been rabidly ingesting news over the past two weeks, and expending massive amounts of energy in NOT engaging with people on political Facebook posts. Remaining silent is tiring in its own way, and I look forward to my feed going back to pictures of people’s new cars, kids, or lunches. I read up on politics quite a bit, but I’d rather read it from professionals trained to think critically rather than anyone with an opinion and a glut of exclamation points.

I have a lot of writing projects to return to like more blog posts, getting back to working on my third novel, doing writing prompts more regularly, and some short story ideas. I don’t participate in Nanowrimo  but I’m supportive of people who do, and a local writing group I belong to is doing some writing meetups that will be fun to attend. And there’s always Thanksgiving, which I love because I love cooking.

*With respect to David Guetta featuring Akon, although it’s an ironic kind of respect since the lyric is “I’m trying to find the word to describe this girl without being disrespectful” and the song is titled Sexy Chick. 



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2 thoughts on ““I’m trying to find a word…””

  1. Ha! You stealth earwormed me. After I read your first line, I was humming that song under my breath, but I didn’t know why until I got to the asterisk at the end.

    1. Bwah ha ha! GOTCHA!
      For some reason it was playing in my head this morning as I left the gym, and I realized I was singing about the election. Natural progression !

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