New Year’s Eve Eve


I missed last week’s entry because I had a family emergency in addition to holiday stuff going on, but I wanted to just throw out a ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR!’ since I know I’ll miss it otherwise!

I appreciate you, reader! I don’t always say it, but I do. I appreciate the comments and discussions, and reading your posts (even though I forget to say anything or Like them), and just getting those much-needed windows into other people’s lives and perspectives.

Let’s be honest – 2017 is not looking so hot. This article does a fantastic job collecting some articles to help you understand what we’re in for next year and beyond. Basically I would advise against asking a Magic 8 Ball what’s on the horizon, because of the risk of sudden heat burns when the thing self-destructs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hope for the best, and do good things in the meantime.

I had a much cheerier article planned but the deaths of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, and a few other people cast a pall. Writing about what hair products, Xmas presents I’ve received, or my favorite new coffee just seemed gauche. So! I will write some fluff NEXT week, but for this one, I’m shaking 2016’s dust and ash off and boldly going into our future, whatever that may be. Maybe things will be great! I sincerely hope so! 

Either way, I wanted you to know that I’m still here. I’m listening, watching, reading, and doing a little tiny bit of writing, but mostly, I am thinking. And planning. I don’t know what to expect, but at this point I’m prepared for anything.

Have a WONDERFUL and safe New Year’s Eve! And if you can’t be good, be careful!

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3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Eve”

  1. Hey, I understand you wanting to delay some fluffy posts for a week or so. I think we’ll all need reasons to smile during 2017.

    Big hugs and big ups. Thanks for being one of my readers, as well.

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