Happy Friday the 13th!

Apologies for missing my second entry last week – my review of 2014 British horror movie The Forgotten will be posted NEXT Monday morning. I’ve been traveling for work lately and unfortunately between that and lots of other stuff (fighting practice, the gym, writer’s group, family stuff, friend stuff, life stuff) I haven’t had the mental energy to sit down and really dive into a movie. But more reviews are coming! Horror movie month is TOO IMPORTANT for me to fall down on the job!

In the meantime, please enjoy this delightful music video about Russian history*.


*It was a joke. I am kidding. Putin hasn’t destroyed the Earth with his fire dance moves… YET. 

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2 thoughts on “Happy Friday the 13th!”

    1. Yup! Pete T and Steve N are learning Filipino stickfighting from an old coworker who’s practiced it for 20 years, and they take what they learn and teach us! You ought to reach out to Pete about it, it’s super fun! I barely make it once a month but they go twice a week, usually.

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