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Around Orlando is a new feature here at Late to the Theater, wherein Achariya and I will detail local Orlando flavor. So whether you’re thinking about visiting, moving here soon, or just want to explore from the comfort of the internet, have a seat and take a gander! We will be sure to disclose any goods or services we receive. 

Recently I discovered a friend’s fiancée runs an awesome YouTube channel tying together some of my interests – horror, Halloween decor, and living in Orlando!

Say hello to Horror Happenings with the Dead Girl!

In this informative video, the Dead Girl gives pro tips on how to comfortably enjoy Halloween Horror Nights, including how to survive our temperamental Florida climate. Other videos on her channel alert watchers to deals or specials on Halloween decorations around town and generally living your best spooky life. Check it out!

Halloween Horror Nights is a great time. Fun, friends, fear, it’s all there! Because I am old and cheap, I would also suggest bringing snacks. Nothing worse than being hangry in the land of 12-dollar trail mix. And water, to stay hydrated.

Note: something a lot of people forget about Halloween Horror Nights is how exhausting it can be. Combine the crowds, inclement weather, and heat of a Central Florida theme park day with the adrenaline spikes and dips of being terrified, and you will quickly be tired. I also remember some of the houses being quite cold inside, so you go from heat/humidity to cold/dry conditions, which is murder on the sinuses. All in an environment designed to stress you out.  So it’s important to be as comfortable as possible in order to enjoy being made deeply, deeply uncomfortable.  

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Banner gets it.

On the Horizon

  • More Ballet! 

Once again we’ll be speaking with the Artistic Director of the Orlando Ballet, Robert Hill. He’ll be catching us up on what to expect in the new season, and ruminating on his 10th anniversary with Orlando Ballet.

  • Aerial Class!

I’ve been attending an aerial performance class once a week for the past few months. You know those women who look amazingly fit floating through the air while silks drift around them in dreamy clouds of color? I do not hang that way. You’re closer to the mark imagining an ape tangled in a laundry line. But I feeeeel pretty! <3 And it has been a delightful stress reliever.

  • Gaming!

Recently I’ve returned to an old  joy, console gaming. I did it through the help of a local store that’ll be featured in an upcoming post. The staff there are absolutely delightful and I can’t wait to introduce you to them.


Yes, it’s back! At long last! I fell down on the job last year for personal reasons, but I am ON FIRE to get some new reviews posted. I’ve seen some really great horror films this year and can’t wait to talk about them. I’ve also seen some that weren’t that great, and you’ll hear about those too.

So stay tuned! Lots to come!

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