Florida Film Festival 2016

The Florida Film Festival did not pay or ask me to write this post. I am writing about it to promote the festival and spread the word on Florida’s entertainment culture, which, contrary to popular belief, isn’t just police dash cams of people setting things on fire or news stories chronicling the adventures of Florida Man and Florida Woman. 

Regrettably I wasn’t able to see as many films this year as I would have liked, but I still got out a couple of times. It was nice just being out among other filmgoers and seeing all the hullabaloo of people standing in lines at an event.

Well, here we go!

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Taking a little break from blogging this week. The Florida Film Festival is going on, and I’m keeping busy attending that. I already saw Crush the Skull and will have thoughts up on that, along with my Frances Ha write-up, next week.

I’m not even sure what else I’m seeing this week, but I will be sure to take notes!

See y’all next week! 😀