Happy Leap Day! Take Cover!

So when I got home last night to flashing lights and roving deputies, I had that familiar ‘Oh god, not again’ feeling. My neighbor said something about ‘We thought we heard a shotgun!’ before scampering inside.

Leap Day fascinates me. It is basically acknowledging the mismatch between our calendar system and the time that our planet actually takes to orbit the sun.

Leap Day 2012 was a good day. I took a half-day from work, and made a special dinner for myself. I can’t recall if I watched a movie or not but I probably did. I was also celebrating being in a loving, healthy relationship (or so I thought at the time) and just feeling good about life.

Leap Day 2016 has not been off to the greatest start. Last night I got home from dinner at a friend’s house to find my neighborhood swamped with Five-Oh. They were investigating a house one house away from mine, and all the lights were flashing. It put me in mind of an event that had happened before.

Read on for details on my night and why I missed watching the Oscars due a case of ‘Roaming Searchlight-Itis!’

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