Influenza Extravaganza 2016

In Which The Author Recounts The Thrilling Tale of Illness, Recovery, and a Visit to Target

Ever since I changed my eating habits and got healthier, I noticed that I also got sick a lot less, being down to only about once or maybe twice a year. And when I do get sick, I am REKT.

The data checks out.

I have been really, really sick before. I have a fond memory of being in fever-induced delirium in 2003 when my room mate was out of town and my then-boyfriend was spending time with his parents shopping for a weight bench. Why he left me at home sweating, insane, and alone I can’t say, but I remember the time period quite vividly because I was very excited about Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix coming out and I couldn’t wait to come back down in order to read it.

Another previous illness led to my Dayquil Hoedown post, wherein I wound up emotionally compromised after watching the The Fox and The  Hound for the first time in 27 years.

But friends… friends.

I have not been this messed up from an illness in a long, long time.

Read on for the hallucinatory play-by-play, and if nothing else to help convince you to get that flu shot all the cool kids are getting these days!

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