Upcoming Posts!

Good morning and welcome to LT3 (which is my Cool New Way of saying Late To the Theater)!

Wednesday we’ll be posting another fascinating interview with Orlando Ballet’s Artistic Director Robert Hill, who was kind enough to find 10 minutes to discuss artistic expressions, costume changes, and upcoming events.

Friday we’ll be posting an interview with Shane Jewell, the new Executive Director of Orlando Ballet, who’ll be speaking to the company’s big turnaround and all the exciting new things on the horizon.

Stay tuned! And in the meantime, please enjoy this picture of a raccoon that visited my backyard and bothered my plants today.

He’s not in there, but I get you, little buddy. I miss Groot too. 




In a rare loss of my ability to even, I lose my ability to even.

I only just saw it now.

I think it’s great. My skin erupted with goosebumps, and I felt 5 years old again.

….YES. We all felt that way before the prequels and then—well, I don’t hate the prequels, but I was definitely disappointed. And I shan’t discuss that here.

But I am very, VERY excited about this teaser and I think all the stars are aligning again.

I feel like this is going to be big, y’all. Like, filmmaking history big.