Book Release Dates!

FYI, Dear Readers! Just keeping you in the loop!

Mudder of Dragons

Dear Reader,

Mark your calendars!

The Secret Wilderness (Revised) and its sequel Virago will be available September 12th!

OMG!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!

Available through Amazon in these formats:

  • Print
  • Kindle

If you are:

  • Interested in buying, follow this blog or me on Twitter @jennnanigans for updates
  • Interested in reviewing the book, contact me at mitejen AT gmail DOT com for a copy in your preferred format free of charge!

WHEW. Work yet to do, but still, the goal is in sight!

I’m working on some posts to introduce readers to the world, characters, plot, and other aspects of the series. These will be once a week entries in addition to my usual nattering up until the release.

And as always – I shan’t blitz your inbox with obnoxious marketing speak. I value your privacy too much for that, Dear Reader!

Thank you for your patience and continued attention during this process – after a bit longer, the…

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