Thursday, Better Known as Friday Eve

In Which The Author Doesn’t Say Much of Value Other Than An Apology

Happy Friday Eve, Dear Readers!

It continues to be a hell of a week – hell of a month actually, but I’m not getting into that.

But there’s hope on the horizon, swirling toward us like Falcor from the dawn-touched clouds in The Neverending Story – FRIDAY. 

I Can See Friday From Here!
I Can See Friday From Here!

Although not a payday Friday. Ah well, can’t have everything!

Sorry I’ve not been posting much here. I’ve been watching stuff but haven’t had the mental energy for a really in-depth analysis of anything lately. I’m planning a round up of posts from the archives that will help orient new readers (HELLO AND WELCOME NEW READERS!), but haven’t sat down to work it out yet.

So bear with me! New posts are coming!

I hope your week is going well!

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3 thoughts on “Thursday, Better Known as Friday Eve”

    1. Ha ha, thanks!
      Yeah, plus people might think TGIT Is referring to Tuesday and just… it’s Tuesday. :/
      Friday Eve is less well known than Payday Eve, when we all sit down to the traditional meal of weird fridge and/or freezer leavings covered in old ketchup. 😀

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