This. Is. DEADLY!

Two posts in one day! GASP!

Not a review, but I saw this and fell into mad, sweaty love with it and HAD To share!

Music Video for the Chemical Brothers “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted,” off their new album Born In the Echoes.

Why I LOVE It:

Two zombies missing parts come together to form a whole – but the remaining whole is female. And STRONGER than before!

That last scene where she’s running at the truck – MAGIC.

In other news Mad Max: Fury Road is out on dvd/blu ray on Tues. This video has me all excited for it all over again!

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3 thoughts on “This. Is. DEADLY!”

    1. i dig it in a huge way. ALSO – I am trying to get together comments for your GoT Season 5 posts but I have been swamped between work and personal projects – I hope to sit down and give them proper reads thsi weekend!

      1. Oh, thank you in advance! No hurry, your comments are always welcome. You have no deadlines from me.

        I did make it difficult by dropping so many posts at once. That’s on me.

        Looking forward to hearing from you, and I hope you enjoy your weekend.

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