The Unaltered Star Wars Trilogy!

Did you grow up Back in the Day® watching the original Star Wars trilogy? Do you miss the weird orange smear under Luke’s desert speeder on Tatooine?

Pssst… hey!

Hey you! 

Did you grow up Back in the Day® watching the original Star Wars trilogy? Do you miss the weird orange smear under Luke’s desert speeder on Tatooine?

The original Ewok song?

Did you miss….


Word on the street is this article tells you how to watch the original, in all its handmade, DIY glory.

How to Watch the Original Star Wars Trilogy. 

DON’T tell them I sent you. Forget we talked, yeah?


*Flicks away pretend cigarette, shuffles off down a dark alley*

Author: jennnanigans

Orlando-area writerly person.

5 thoughts on “The Unaltered Star Wars Trilogy!”

  1. I had the distinct honor and pleasure to see all the star wars movies in the theater in their original glory, then again on their modified semi glory when Lucas redid them. But I’ll never forget the wonder that seven year old Carlos experienced seeing the Millennium falcon, light sabers, and the undeniably catchy tune in the cantina scene.

    1. I saw Jedi in the theater but was too little to see the others – I remember clearly my Mom reading me the newspaper article where Lucas said he wasn’t going to make any more Star Wars movies after Jedi, until the special effects were advanced enough. I was NOT OKAY.
      I’ll always have the memories, but a little, grasping part of myself wants to rewatch the originals, as they were, in all their smudgy glory. For years I thought the remastered ones were cool but… they just aren’t the same. I’ll have to hunt them down when I get home tonight! 🙂
      Got yer tickets for TFA yet?

  2. I saw the original Star Wars when it came out in ’77, and I saw it maybe 20 times that summer. When I see the remastered versions, I can literally overlay Han shooting Greedo first.

    The only conceivable universe where Greedo could shoot first… is the one where Han might have smoothed talked Greedo into committing suicide, maybe.

    Anyway, thanks for the info on seeing the unaltered trilogy. Thank your many Bothan spies for me. 🙂

    1. Indeed – Han Shot First. Period. It didnt’ bother me in the last 10 years but suddenly yesterday I was like ‘No, you know what? That was a BAD CALL. In the beginning of a New Hope, Han is a cowboy, the Clint Eastwood kind who shoots first and asks questions later. He’s not necessarily a nice person – but he changes over the course of the trilogy and finds something bigger than his own needs to fight for– you know what I sense a rant coming on and I need to stop lol.
      You’re welcome! MAN I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

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