Game of Thoughts: The Red Woman (6.1)

Khal Moro. Khal Moro is no Khal Drogo, but he’s fun and his Blood riders are amusing. I look forward to seeing him shit his pants with fear/rage when he realizes he is no longer in charge.

Hello and welcome to Game of Thoughts! This is a feature I’m testing out in which I do little, rambly recaps of the night’s episode. They WILL contain spoilers. They are nothing more than a recap and chance for GoT fans to have a bit of a natter and react as situations permit. They were inspired by the incredible, in-depth and insightful posts of Patrick Sponaugle, except his are intelligent and mine are just squeeing.  There will be spoilers, but I will put everything behind a cut so as not to ruin anyone’s good time. I will continue with movie reviews, but just once a week or so. 

Let’s DO THIS!


Things I Loved:

    • Davos finding Jon Snow. The poor man’s been through hell – he lost his sons in the Blackwater, so it must have been a turn to see somebody he cared about murdered– especially killed by his own command. I also loved Davos taking command in the Lord Commander’s tower. And Dolorous Edd got a moment! I look forward to him showing up with Tormund and the Wildlings to serve up some Hot Justice in Red Sauce. In the meantime, Davos knows what’s up. He knows that in Alliser Thorne-speak ‘mutton and a fresh horse’ really means ‘Murdered and dumped in a hole.’ Happily, Davos is one of the Geniuses of Westeros and has Doctorates in Surviving The Game, Not Taking Shit Off Fools, Basic Life Skills, Predicting Red Witch Behavior Patterns, and Advanced Only Giving the Fucks That Matter.
    • Sansa and Theon and Brienne and Pod. Sansa and Theon embracing was a wonderful sweet moment – it’s the first time Sansa has been touched by someone in a way that wasn’t brutal or alienating in YEARS and it felt so earned. Theon is the last living remnant of her life at Winterfell that is in reach, and all I could think about was all the family she’s lost. Theon’s sacrifice was so believable and noble, especially since he knew exactly the hell that he would be returning to. I thought their bond was well-crafted, and especially liked the moment where Sansa glances at him for his opinion of whether she should trust Brienne or not. She trusts someone again. And Brienne and Pod showing up to save the day GAVE ME FEELINGS. I am SO GLAD that happened and I hope nothing happens to fuck that up. I don’t know if I could stand the heartbreak.
    • Cersei’s Heartbreak. A terrible situation beautifully illustrated by some powerful acting. I have to wonder how this will affect her character arc – will she realize the devastating effects of her of misrule of Westeros and try to be a better person, or will she turn her pain into rage and spread misery around? I really like how Robert Strong is a walking reminder of her power – like the power she wields as queen, he waits in the background for her orders. A giant tireless zombie could build a lot of houses, OR he could just be a walking murder machine. It’s how you put him to use that matters; I can’t wait to see which way Cersei goes.
    • Khal Moro. Khal Moro is no Khal Drogo, but he’s fun and his Blood riders are amusing. I look forward to seeing him shit his pants with fear/rage when he realizes he is no longer in charge.
    • Melisandre’s Big Reveal. That was just straight-up well done. We’ve all suspected for years that she was hiding something, and here we finally saw it. She took her necklace off, and we see her for what she really is – very, VERY old. Already other show watchers are finding examples of times that she hasn’t had her necklace on and has been naked, but I’m not entirely sure the necklace is what keeps the glamour active. Someone on I09 recap pointed out that the fire goes out when she gets into bed. It might be indicative of her power waning, or perhaps something else – the commenter thought that maybe she had actually sacrificed herself then, and we’ll see Jon Snow rise in the next episode. Since the episode was titled ‘The Red Woman’ it was obviously about her, and as last scenes go it would have made a good one – just her, alone in her room with her shaken faith. I read a film criticism years ago that pointed out when female characters are about to do something dramatic with a drastic effect on their character, they look into a mirror – I.E. sleep with someone they hate, commit a murder, risk their life, or some other daring thing.


Things I Didn’t Like

  • Varys and Tyrion Taking a Stroll. Varys and Tyrion may have shown up late to the dumpster fire that was Dany’s political regime, but they were still part of it. They are strangers in a strange land, their queen (and thus their power) is gone, and even their bodyguards are gone, Barristan Selmy having been murdered in a some back alley somewhere in season 5 (and I’m still bitter about that) and Grey Worm is off somewhere. The Sons of the Harpy probably have no qualms about murdering anybody part of Dany’s Political Apparatus. I’m not sure what’s keeping Varys and Tyrion safe and in power at the moment. Maybe they command the Unsullied? I did like the joke about Tyrion eating that beggar’s baby. Well played, show-runners. Also, the fact that the docks of Meereen were burnt was a total ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ moment and that is KIND OF A BIG DEAL.
  • Dorne – Everything in Dorne. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Areo Hotah AND Doran Martell go out like chumps and the guards just stand there like ‘Wait, what? Should they be doing that?’ I’m guessing Ellaria paid them off, but if that were the case I feel like they should have left or turned their backs to indicate that they would not be having Doran’s back. I love Indira Varma but Ellaria’s being set up as Cersei 2.0 now that Cersei has been humbled, all good intentions and no common sense or real leadership skills. The Sand Snakes are being set up as straight psycho murderers. The People of Color have arrived, and they are crazy – bad form , Showrunners. Bad form.
  • Jaime Lannister, Enabling The Crazy.  Jaime’s ‘Fuck everyone, we’re the only ones who matter’ speech to Cersei after Myrcella’s death sounded a LOT like a return of pre-amputation/humbling road trip Jaime. I suspect he’s having a Cersei-related relapse. I hope he recognizes that and backs off. Maybe that’s why he heads to the Riverlands, to clear his head? And where was Bronn? Unpacking?
  • Jorah’s Tracking (Plot) Device. No. I don’t care how the grass was laid down, if a rich person drops an expensive ring in the middle of four thousand people who are so poor they carry all their worldly possessions in a knapsack, SOMEONE will notice. That ring would buy a lot of horses, horse fodder, horse blankets, horse bridles, horse healthcare, and other horse-related things the Dothraki are into. Also, I don’t care that Jorah and Bearded Hair Model are tracking Dany. She doesn’t need them. And what could they do anyway? It’s two dudes against the aforementioned horde.  It’s nice that they are loyal and possible that Dany will need a ground team to handle her journey to wherever she’s going after this, but we don’t need to see them hanging out. Drogon is still around, and I am confident he will check in on Dany at some point (kids need validation from parents, even if those kids are scaly). I predict some high, hot winds that smell like burning horses and grass skirts coming off the plains this season, and Jorah arriving just after the action with his usual ‘.Oh for.. again?’ look.

So that has been my recap! I hope you enjoyed reading it and will stick around for upcoming ones! I am loving that we’re all in uncharted territory this season, it’s so exciting!

EDIT: After lunch I did a little more thinking about the show and had a ‘Fall Out of Chair’ moment. Maybe this thought is way less dramatic than I think it is and I am just overexcited–BUT.

During the scene when Brienne swears loyalty to Sansa and Theon has given his approval, Podrick Payne helps Sansa finish the noble’s side of the oath. This is important because Sansa is listening to her advisors. She absolutely doesn’t have to! She could totally play the noble card and command them to do whatever she wants – but she’s been humbled, she’s now a compassionate person. She values their judgment, not just because she’s out of her element but  A new group is solidifying around her, forming a nucleus of decent, honorable people. I’ve been wondering for some time what roles people would play in the new factions (because history repeats itself) and now it looks like those factions are forming up. EXCITEMENT!!!!!

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6 thoughts on “Game of Thoughts: The Red Woman (6.1)”

  1. Spot on! I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one bothered by Tyrion and Vary’s scene. Good conversation, but then when the docks were on fire they’re just like, oh, bummer. Um…what?!

    Definitely looking forward to seeing what comes next though. 🙂

    1. RIGHT? That’s kind of a big deal!
      Ha ha, me too! We’re all on equal footing with these seasons – we can speculate and make educated guesses but until Sunday nights we won’t know anything. So exciting! 😀

  2. This post is so, so great. I’ll return to leave a longer comment, but I want to say up front that this phrase:

    Happily, Davos is one of the Geniuses of Westeros and has Doctorates in Surviving The Game, Not Taking Shit Off Fools, Basic Life Skills, Predicting Red Witch Behavior Patterns, and Advanced Only Giving the Fucks That Matter.

    Is by far the greatest thing I’ve ever read about Ser Davos, ever.

    It’s a true Qartheen comment: the greatest comment that ever was and ever will be. (Okay, maybe I’m being a bit hyperbolic, but I do love me that Onion Knight. LOVE!)

    I’ll be back. I’m looking forward to all of these.

    1. Ha ha, thanks! I thought of that at the last minute, just before I posted. And thanks so much for the comment, it always makes my day! Looking forward to your posts in a few months, there’s SO MUCH to discuss, and we’re one episode in!

  3. Ahahaha, I loved “Happily, Davos is one of the Geniuses of Westeros and has Doctorates in Surviving The Game, Not Taking Shit Off Fools, Basic Life Skills, Predicting Red Witch Behavior Patterns, and Advanced Only Giving the Fucks That Matter.” LOVED LOVED LOVED.

    I mean, here’s the thing. We’re not losing Jon Snow, because they haven’t made a show of burning or burying his body, as they have made a show of doing for every other majorly loved or hated character. This posse of people who liked Jon could’ve stolen away into the night to bury and burn him, then left in secret being like, “Wildings, come help.” But instead they got themselves trapped in the same place as The Red Woman. So, of course she’s going to raise him from the dead. The show has already shown in King’s Landing how a mad scientist can raise the dead. And in the North how the white walkers can raise the dead. It only makes sense that they now show us magic can raise the dead, because we need some kind of hope against fighting everyone’s imminent death at the hands of whitewalkers. Oh, and who’s becoming magic? That’s right. My crippled boyfriend who’s currently off magic training in super secret. So yeah, this certain display of magic is super important to give us hope for a couple future plot points.

    Seriously, if she DOESN’T raise Jon Snow from the dead, I’m going to be extremely disappointed in all this meaningless foreshadowing and pulling our legs for nothing.

    1. Right! And the type of resurrection matters – the White Walkers raise mindless zombies, and so does Former Master Whatsisname when he raised the Mountain. But Melisandre’s Red God magic is the same as the Red Priest (forgot his name) when he raised Beric Dondarrion after the fight with the Hound. Red Magic resurrection works better or at least differently than ice magic resurrection.
      I agree, if all this buildup doesn’t result in a newly risen Jon then I’ll be mad too. They cut out Lady Stoneheart and I suspect it’s because they didn’t want to tip their hands when it comes to resurrection. Beric Dondarrion was a nice foreshadow, but she would have been a dead* giveaway as far as what’s in store for Jon.

      *HA HA HA hurrrr

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