Game of Thoughts: The Red Woman (6.1)

Khal Moro. Khal Moro is no Khal Drogo, but he’s fun and his Blood riders are amusing. I look forward to seeing him shit his pants with fear/rage when he realizes he is no longer in charge.

Hello and welcome to Game of Thoughts! This is a feature I’m testing out in which I do little, rambly recaps of the night’s episode. They WILL contain spoilers. They are nothing more than a recap and chance for GoT fans to have a bit of a natter and react as situations permit. They were inspired by the incredible, in-depth and insightful posts of Patrick Sponaugle, except his are intelligent and mine are just squeeing.  There will be spoilers, but I will put everything behind a cut so as not to ruin anyone’s good time. I will continue with movie reviews, but just once a week or so. 

Let’s DO THIS!

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