Pay Day Eve!

So far this week, I have:

  • Put out a major fire at work. I have worked a couple 10-hour days. The situation was so urgent that I actually had to skip talking Game of Thrones at the water cooler Monday morning, so you know this was serious.
  • Written at least 6 hours on Barghest. It’s coming along! I’m done with an early draft, and I’m setting September as my finish date again. I did a lot more pre-planning on this one so it’s going easier than Virago did. I’m finishing up the ending while working on some revision notes, and am going to start the real revision process next week.
  • Made plans for the camping trip I’m taking this weekend. I haven’t been camping in like twenty years – I mean I’ve roughed it, but I haven’t done it on purpose, just made do when the power went out for more than a few days or visited a relative who didn’t have power. It’s exciting!
  • Helped a friend pack for an upcoming move. She’s a single Mom undergoing chemo and has three kids, and the move is taking place next week. I helped for three hours last night and am going back next week after my trip. Thankfully she’s hired movers for the heavy stuff, but she just needs help organizing and packing.
  • Researched capsule wardrobes. This is an exciting concept. You reduce your wardrobe to about 40 necessary items, and just rotate them. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of ‘what should I wear today?’ I’m a huge fan of simplifying things and streamlining processes, so this will be a fun experiment. Since I work in an office I’ll have to break some of the rules, but I don’t think the capsule wardrobe police will be breaking down my door any time soon.
  • Researched henna hair dyeing. I am tired of my mousy, ash-blondish natural color. I stopped dyeing my hair in late 2012 just to see what my natural  hair color was like. I have a lot more gray than I would have thought, and that doesn’t bother me. It’s that my hair is just so boring.
  • Fretted over my lawn. A friend is trying to get my lawnmower working but he has had it for almost a month, and my landlord has been known to drive past my house and send me unfriendly texts when my lawn gets shaggy. I could borrow my neighbor’s mower, which I will probably do tonight just so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. But borrowing his mower demands that I mow his lawn too as a courtesy, and because he’s on the corner he has twice as much front lawn as I do.
  • Went to the gym Wednesday morning, which is not great since I’m supposed to be going three mornings a week, but at least I made it the one time. And I did great!
  • Found this, which is tiny but which made me laugh:


I hope your week is going well! And if you’re on the same pay schedule as me, hey– we’re almost there! 

And check back on Monday for more Game of Thrones coverage – things are really speeding up now, only three episodes to go!

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One thought on “Pay Day Eve!”

  1. I’ve been rocking what is essentially a capsule wardrobe for years. If I ignore the t-shirts, that is. I have less than ten things that could be considered pants, about a dozen fo the little short sleeved collar shirts I wear for work, a handful of nicer not-t-shirts, and a few weather-specific items. Also, I tend to buy the same thing over and over, so much so that it wouldn’t surprise me if my co-workers thought I wore the same pair of pants every day. I find a shape I like and get several, that way I don’t have to think about it so much.

    The badonkadonk made me laugh too.

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