No ‘Game of Thoughts’ Today…

… Out of respect for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting. As an Orlando resident with a lot of friends and family in the gay community, I am in shock. Thankfully, they are all safe. My heart goes out to the victims’ families and friends. 

Here is John Oliver, making sense of this senselessness:


The City of Orlando is posting the identities of victims as their families are notified. You can find a list here:

City of Orlando – Victims

A series of videos showing how Orlandoans react to such violence can be found here:


I will be donating blood, but don’t know when. Local places have all hit their requirements, and the donation centers are urging people to make appointments for later.

There is a GoFundMe for the families of the Victims here:

Support Victims of Pulse Nightclub Shooting. 

I will probably post Game of Thoughts on Wednesday once I get my mind around to things – I think it’s important that our lives not be controlled by these shitty, hate-filled fucks. We will mourn, we will investigate, we will try to prevent, but we will move forward.

Please keep Orlando in your heart. In particular, help the families and friends of those who were murdered in any way you can; they need to remember that we are here for them.

Author: jennnanigans

Orlando-area writerly person.

6 thoughts on “No ‘Game of Thoughts’ Today…”

    1. Thank you for thinking of us. I know Britain sees its share of this sort of thing, unfortuanately! 🙁

      1. Well, not gun violence on this level we don’t. The gun crime is mainly limited to the criminal fraternity, although innocents do get caught up in it. But it’s nothing like this. I simply can’t imagine.

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