Game of Thoughts: The Queen’s Justice (7.3)

Hello and welcome to Game of Thoughts! I’m still alive and carving time out of my busy weeks for some Game of Thrones goodness. These posts WILL contain spoilers. They are nothing more than a recap and chance for GoT fans to have a bit of a natter and react as situations permit. They were inspired by the incredible, in-depth and insightful posts of Patrick Sponaugle, except his are intelligent and mine are just squeeing.  

Well… well… Gosh! 

Some episodes are full of filler, and you have to chew through a lot of meh dialogue to get to the chewy chocolatey chunks of plot. But tonight’s episode was like mowing through a big old brick of baker’s chocolate and now my jaws are tired. Metaphorically speaking.


  • At last! At long, long last, Jon Snow and Tyrion are reunited! That was a delightful moment, and a fun meeting of the Hands – the Tyrion and Davos never met, but both fought at the Battle of the Blackwater, and both were representing their king as Hands. THAT was a long time ago, eh?
  • Jon Snow falling over when he saw the dragons gave me happy feels and chills. That’s what I would have done, but with the added indignity of crying.
  • Varys and Melisandre – that was an interesting moment with some pointed foreshadowing. I half-expected Melisandre to jump off the cliff for some reason.
  • Ice and Fire met and Oof... that didn’t go well. But hey, when you mix two elements, you always get conflict. Davos was spitting fire, and Varys was WAY late to the party, but later on in the episode Tyrion was able to smooth things over. Thankfully. Jon’s getting his dragonglass and Dany is calming down about stuffs. It was a rocky start but I can’t blame them for their intransigence; each has their own stake and is willing to die for it (and each has! SYMBOLISM) so naturally it’ll take some time to find some common ground.
  • God, Jon is SO reminding me of Ned here. From the hair to the grumpyness about the south. Bless!
  • Theon is soggy, but still alive. Mostly alive. Poor guy. I really feel for him – anyone who expected him to go all Rambo against Euron forgot what the poor guy’s been through.

King’s Landing

  • Euron continues his Westerosi Dickery Tour. And I like how Cersei put him off with ‘Oh yeah, when you’re done conquering everyone you’ll get your reward.’ Cersei looks bananas, she is bananas, but bananas aren’t stupid. Not only is he a tool, he has yellow teeth and you know he probably smells like old cheese and low tide.
  • Ellaria knows exactly what that big smelly pile of meat is. What Cersei does to her and – Ah, I forget which Sand Snake that one is, Nym? Tyene? Obara? – is pretty damned bad. Especially since all the other Sand Snakes are dead right now, which everyone in the cell seems to have forgotten. Ellaria and Cersei actually have a lot in common, although Cersei would have a rage-stroke if you pointed it out. I was as entranced by Indira Varma’s performance as by her abs. That’s a beautiful woman.
  • Cersei doesn’t care who knows about her banging Jaime. This won’t go well with the smallfolk, and Jaime knows it. And then suddenly, surprise oral! This episode is all over the place.
  • Cersei just referred to blowing up the sept as a ‘Tragic Accident.’ WHEW. In the game of dodging reality, Cersei has just swept every event and taken all the gold. Speaking of gold…
  • Tycho Nestoris (Iron Bank guy) is delightful. I love Mark Gatiss in everything he’s done, going back to League of Gentlemen. I miss that show.


  • Sansa’s making sure that shit is not only together, it is color-coded, numbered, and alphabetized. Winterfell is bustling and Sansa is not here for Petyr’s stuff. And then SUDDENLY… Bran!
  • But the reunion doesn’t go as well as you’d hope – Bran is sort of… mystical now and Sansa is having trouble with New Improved Bran and his mysticisms. Sansa looks so young here, which reminds us what she’s been through. Not a lot happened in this scene, other than I thought about how much these kids have grown up, and grown apart.

The Citadel

  • Glory be! Jorah’s back exploring and Sam’s hunch was right. That moment when Sam reached to shake Jorah’s hand, which is no doubt the first human contact Jorah’s had in a while, was terribly moving. And it was another nice callback to Jeor Mormont forbidding Sam to die and therefore requiring him to live, just as Dany did to Jorah. I love that bond between Sam and Jorah too – they shared a father, in a way, but they had very different experiences with him.

Casterly Rock

  • Holy hot beans, that was something. You saw it here first folks – an army of eunuchs impregnated the Rock. How Tywin Lannister would laugh – and by laugh I mean ‘sit very still with a muscle working at his jaw and his green eyes flaming with cold hatred as he plotted a thousand murderous vengeances.’ Confession: sometimes I miss Tywin.
  • The Unsullied are a well-oiled (hurr) killing machine and it’s nice to just sit and watch them go at it sometimes.
  • But it was a feint! Those slippery Lannisters weren’t there in force at all! They were…

At Highgarden!

  • Holy Smokes! What an end to that episode!  The tension just played out and played out, and I was sure after Olenna took that poison and started leading Jaime down the Memory Lane of ‘How I Got Away With Poisoning Your Shitty Kid’ that he was going to cut her head off or throw her out the window. And instead he just looked sort of… castigated almost, and stalked out.
  • But! Olenna confessing is going to further complicate Jaime’s relationship with Cersei… and Tyrion. Jaime has spent a considerable amount of time thinking that Tyrion murdered his son, and now suddenly is faced with the truth. Cersei’s paranoia will become that much more trenchant, when Jaime comes to her with the truth and she refuses to believe him and undoubtedly accuses him of turning on her.
  • Further symbolism – Jaime is drinking alone with his golden hand (symbol of New Improved Jaime, sort of) removed, and Cersei prevents him from putting it back on. I feel like GRRM would have handled that a lot more subtly, but it worked.

So! Things are really moving now! I keep wondering how the showrunners can keep up this much inertia, and I know the effects budget is getting stupid expensive with these later seasons. I wonder if the next episode is going to be like, lots of people talking in small rooms or getting in fistfights in muddy barnyards.

Anyway, have a great week! See you next Monday, and thanks for reading!

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  1. Jen, this was a JOY to read. I’m sorry I’ve been so busy that I was late getting a chance to read it. So many delightful turns of phrase as you recapped the episode:

    “Not only is he a tool, he has yellow teeth and you know he probably smells like old cheese and low tide.”

    “You saw it here first folks – an army of eunuchs impregnated the Rock.”

    I’m glad you’re doing these! I’ll try to keep up.

    1. D’awwww, thank you! And yes, I love hearing what you think! I’m sorry your busy if it’s bad stuff, but glad you’r busy if it’s good stuff, and if it’s a mix then I hope you get more good than bad!

      1. Oh, it’s not bad! I should be enjoying my blogging hiatus as advertised, but I ended up writing features for Watchers on the Wall, and that’s cut into reading my bloggo friends

        Be careful this weekend with all of the spoilers lurking about, like Stone Men desperate to reach out and touch someone.

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