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Game of Thrones is over (FOR TWO YEARS WHAT) but I am trying to get back to normal blogging. I had an expansive and interesting post kicking around the back of my mind for the past week but then #Irmageddon began edging over the horizon like a big brightly colored anal fissure and my life is hurricane preparedness now.


There are some people panicking, but it’s not as bad as I’d imagined. I was able to get gas this morning without waiting in line, and yesterday I hit two different grocery stores (one during lunch and one after work) and neither were the apocalyptic pit battles the media would have you believe. Of course all the bottled water was gone, but I have lots of storage containers at home and was going to bleach and fill up my tub anyway. And I think I still have bags of frozen water in the freezer from Matthew last year. And now I have both a cooler and a gas grill! I am ready.

However, there is a monkey wrench in all this planning – I might have to travel for business next week. We are waiting to hear from the customer.

Customer: Gosh, don’t you have a big storm coming your way? That might make travel inconvenient!

Me, thinking about flights cancelled without refunds; grounded planes; planes destroyed by tornadoes; price gouging on last-minute tickets; the possibility my house might catch a falling tree and I have to sift through the wreckage and do battle with my shitty renter’s insurance company; the possibility my neighbor’s house might be destroyed and I have to help them pick up; all the shit storms like this leave in their wake, regardless of destruction; my elderly parents out in the sticks losing power, cell coverage, or landlines and needing help with yard cleanup or other things; trying to get to my parents’ after the storm to drop off my cat: Ha ha, yup, it might!

Customer: We’ll try to let you know soon!

Me: Ha ha yes at  your earliest convenience please!

Donald’s rage fit is bordering on balletic, it’s so beautiful. Also, it me. 


On a more positive note, I spent part of Labor Day weekend with my folks for my mother’s birthday. We drove over to St. Augustine and did a little shopping and had a grand time. Then I bought a gas grill and propane tank, assembled it without blowing up, and successfully grilled. So that was nice!

What sorts of natural disasters occur in your area? What do you do to prepare for them?

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  1. I’m not in Florida or in the area of direct impact, but even in Georgia and South Carolina, we will be majorly affected. What really sucks is Jose right on its tale. Irma is going to be the storm of the century, it will be catastrophic if it makes landfall. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I truly hope that those in her path are prepared and safe whether that means staying put or getting out. A lot of people fail to realize how bad this can get. As a mom of three kods, I’m a “better safe than sorry” cliché.

    1. Agree. Irma is nothing to play with or dismiss. I’m glad they declared a state of emergency already, although at first I thought they were being premature. And yes, Georgia and the Carolinas certainly experience bad hurricanes! My Dad worked for FPL for 37 years and he helped out after both Hugo and Andrew. The wreckage there was insane!
      Stay safe!

  2. Oh and I’m losses about Game of Thrones lol. I wrote a piece on my favorite WTF moments from the finale. Lol

      1. Gotcha. I am a little busy with work today but I will try to make time to check it out! Thanks for letting me know!

    1. Charley was a 4 when it hit Central Florida. I looked it up last night. Not sure about Francis though.
      Yes, you stay safe too!

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