Happy Wednesday!

This week will be a busy one – I’m seeing The Shape of Water, which I’m really looking forward to based on all the buzz surrounding it and because I love Del Toro. I’m also figuring out my Star Wars: The Last Jedi plans. Some places near me be will be showing the latter Thursday night, which I prefer to the massive presses of people in theaters on weekends.

Also, Xmas stuff, like wrapping and mailing presents, and non-Xmas stuff, working on my novel draft and some other writing projects.

Here is the International Trailer for Black Panther, which got me all het up this morning.

I feel bad for laughing at the narration at the end, but I did. My friend, who speaks a little Japanese, wrote it out as BU RA KU PANSA.

Stuff I have watched: 

  • Broadchurch S3 – My God, this show just gets more and more amazing. The characterizations, the moral questions, the examination of the dynamics of families in crisis, the chemistry between Miller and Hardy (especially when she takes the piss out of him). Olivia Colman is absolutely amazing and it’s so wonderful to see her shine in this show. Tennant is always good but he’s especially good in this.
  • The Defenders – I heard it’s the least popular of the Marvel TV shows (except maybe for Iron Fist), but I really enjoyed seeing the whole quartet together and bagging on each other. I enjoyed how some of Iron Fist’s storytelling/character shortcomings were addressed head-on by Luke. And I just adore Jessica. I can’t wait for  JJ season 2.
  • Temple (2017) – In this Japanese horror production, three photogenic young American people go in search of a legendary temple in the Japanese countryside. I was really looking forward to seeing something exciting, and there were some interesting twists to the story, visually dynamic sets (that book shop!), and beautiful cinematography, but overall it left me lukewarm. The mentally unwell guy was attractive and appeared to have been cut and pasted from a 90s grunge video (not a bad thing in the least!), the girl was pretty but her character so barely written she had the depth of a damp sponge, and the douche guy was a douche.
  • Bluebeard (2017) – Korean horror dealing with (in no particular order), mental illness, divorce, cannibalism, and delusions. Some familiar storytelling tropes (mentally ill folks Come to Terms With Things, missing family members, mysterious neighbors, people who may or may not be imaginary) tied together a fairly original story.
  • The Void (2016) – Heavily flavored by the dark, interdimensional works of H.P. Lovecraft and Clive Barker, I was really excited when this came out last year, but since it was only in the theaters for the time it takes to microwave soup, I missed it. I’m sorry to say that almost from the start, I did not enjoy it. I think I am getting too old or something – everything felt very unoriginal, and rather than homage it seemed more of a retread. More effects than effective.
  • The Midnight Meat Train (2008) – I wanted to like this, but didn’t. I thought the premise was intriguing and the cast was phenomenal, but I just couldn’t get into it. Fun fact, toward the end I thought ‘Huh, this urban mythology stuff reminds me of Clive Barker’ and Surprise! It was based on a Clive Barker story! I hadn’t even known that going in. Again, gorgeous visuals and cinematography, and the performances were decent, but it just didn’t appeal.

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