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Good morning, Friends!

Today’s a big day – an image reveal for Virago.

I am still on target to release the Print version Friday, October 15th. I believe the Kindle version will be available the same day. Both will be available through Amazon.

The podcast of the first episode should be available on Spotify the same day, too, although you can always listen to all the episodes here, on my Escape Into Storytelling page.

Join me under the cut, won’t you, and see the fruits of many labors?


This a combination of five images I hand-drew and inked on black paper. After I scanned them, my good friend Suzanne combined and enhanced the images into one, and did some cleaning up as well.

The idea was based off of woodblock printing designs, like this:

This one is a bit messier than mine, but it’s more impressionist – I wanted enough detail on mine that people could sit and look at it for a bit, and maybe find some hidden details. There are just a few, if you know what you’re looking for.

Naturally, this is just an image – the finished cover has the title, my name, description of the book, ISBN, etc.

I like it. It is a thing I made and I am proud of, just like the book I wrote. Several times I almost gave up on writing, art, damn near everything, but I didn’t. I’m going to forge ahead with this project and others, and we will just have to see what happens. Every creator secretly dreams of fame and fortune, but I know better than to set my sights that high. If I could build a following, however small but dedicated, I’d be happy.

I hope you’ll like it. There’s a little something in there for everyone, although it’s intended for mature readers. Like I said, I’m actually proud of it.

Thank you for looking! Have a great day!

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