Cover Image Reveal

Good morning, Friends!

Today’s a big day – an image reveal for Virago.

I am still on target to release the Print version Friday, October 15th. I believe the Kindle version will be available the same day. Both will be available through Amazon.

The podcast of the first episode should be available on Spotify the same day, too, although you can always listen to all the episodes here, on my Escape Into Storytelling page.

Join me under the cut, won’t you, and see the fruits of many labors?

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What’s Next After Virago?

There’s definitely more to come concerning this world, and more short stories will be posted as well.

Monday saw the posting of the last chapter of the Virago Podcast – so what’s next for readers and fans of Adelaide, Neville, Winston, and Gordon?

Hard Dates

October 1st

  • Virago will be available in print and E-Book format from Amazon.
  • Virago episodes will be uploaded to Spotify, where they will be more easily accessible. I’m going to clean up the files (remove those creepy ‘mouth noises’ I sometimes make from having a dry throat) and convert them to .mp3 format. Also, there will be artwork.

Soft Dates

  • The Secret Wilderness podcast will begin, eventually, and is Adelaide’s backstory, which she has been dithering about sharing with anyone and begins to share with Allan in the last chapter. I wrote TSW first, but as the world expanded it seemed better suited as a prequel since Virago appealed to a wider audience. It’s a much smaller story with more horror flavor. Fans of movies like The VVitch and books like The Company of Wolves will find a lot to like.

I don’t have a start date for The Secret Wilderness chosen yet, but I quite like the Spring/Autumn schedule of this year – I know common-held belief for creators is that I should keep posting content or risk losing the audience, that people demand constant content, content content content, but I’m not on that schedule. And these aren’t stories you blow through in a weekend and never read again. When I find something I really like, I spend time on it. I re-read, re-watch, explore fandom, discuss with friends, etc. Also, I have a full time job and a life outside of writing, so as much as I’d like to just write all day, I can’t.

Also, that will mean more time for revising Barghest, the third book in the series. It’s completed, but it needs some work.

So! There’s definitely more to come concerning this world, and more short stories will be posted as well.

In the meantime, I’m making a resolution to focus more on actual writing – the podcast has been fun but without the writing, there’s nothing to share. I’m resolved to spend less time On the Couch, the gravity well toward which I drift so I can watch movies/TV while knitting.

So for now – I want to hear from you! I’m open to observations and suggestions for improvement! Please like, share, subscribe, and let me know what you’re thinking about the story overall, or just say hello!

Until next time, be seeing you!

Escape Into Storytelling – Virago, Chapter 35

Escape Into Storytelling - Virago, Chapter 35

In the final episode of Virago, Adelaide makes decisions regarding her future, receives important advice, and finally, at long last, resolves to tell her story to a friend.

Escape Into Storytelling – Virago, Chapter 34

Escape Into Storytelling - Virago, Chapter 34

Gordon is presented with a choice; the city mourns during the biggest funeral in a century; Adelaide bids farewell to a friend, and receives an unexpected visitor.

Escape Into Storytelling – Virago, Chapter 33

Escape Into Storytelling - Virago, Chapter 33

Duke Alasdair Trebule and the city Masters begin their investigation into Northern Vitral’s most important murder in hundreds of years – and the trail seems to be leading to the last person they’d suspect.