Game of Thoughts – Blood of My Blood (6.6)

Hello and welcome to Game of Thoughts! This is a feature in which I recap the latest episode of everyone’s favorite grimdark fantasy, Game of Thrones. We do things fun around here so for more in-depth coverage of big themes, check out Patrick Sponaugle‘s incredibly witty and fun blog posts. Note: These recaps WILL contain spoilers.

Let’s DO THIS!

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Game of Thoughts: Oathbreaker (6.3)

Hello and welcome to Game of Thoughts! This is a feature in which I do little, rambly recaps of the night’s episode.  They are nothing more than a recap and chance for GoT fans to have a bit of a natter and react as situations permit. They were inspired by the incredible, in-depth and insightful posts of Patrick Sponaugle, except his are intelligent and mine are just squeeing. They WILL contain spoilers.

Let’s DO THIS!

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In Theaters Now: Captain America – Civil War

Hi Bucky! *waves*

I loved this new installment of Captain America, but I’m not in love with it, if that makes sense. It had some big shoes to fill after the masterpiece that was Winter Soldier,  but it was still a solid, great entry to the MCU.

Out of five stars, I’d say 4.

Head behind the cut for more detailed thoughts, but be warned!


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Sweet Surprises: Frances Ha

Some people can only learn who they really are far, far from their comfort zone, when they’re backpacking through Bali or Iceland; others can learn just as much during a short trip to the grocery store.


In the interest of full disclosure, I have the following to say about Frances Ha:

  • It sat in my queue for over a year
  • I watched it because it had Adam Driver
  • I found the first ten minutes so insufferable I nearly switched it off
  • I am so, so glad I didn’t

The movie presents Frances (Gerta Gerwig, who also co-wrote it) as just another overly precious Brooklynite of the genus Big Dreams, Starry Eyes, No Real Problems, Plenty of Cool Friends. Then, the movie gently and meticulously deconstructs both its own presentation and your expectations.

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BBCTV’S Copper

In all, Copper was a good show. The production design was great, and if anything the show suffered from an overabundance of story rather than too little.

BBCTV’s Copper

Flipping through the Netflix Instant Watch feeds, I kept coming upon the show Copper. I added it to my queue and if my mind worked like Windows Explorer the file name was  \\   Having watched the show, I feel validated about my naming convention, although it is certainly worth discussing in detail.

Copper is an ensemble piece following several interrelated stories in 1860s New York. One group, the Irish, is made up of cops headed by the titular Detective Kevin “Corky” Corcoran, a scrappy looker of a gent (Tom Weston-Jones) and veteran of the still-occurring Civil War. He immigrated as a boy, and spent a difficult childhood in the streets of Five Points. After seeing the way the Irish were treated, he joined the Army to provide for his wife and daughter, who begin the show missing. In the army, he served with Matthew Freeman (Ato Essandoh) under Major Robert Morehouse (Kyle Schmidt), who each serve as contact points for the other groups in the show.

The Boys!

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