Actual News Footage from January 2017

Sources have provided me with actual footage from the Trump inauguration ceremony.

We should have made the “orange” connection, if nothing else

Sorry. I shouldn’t have gone for the low-hanging comedy fruit but… sigh.

Ah well. Time to sack up and continue my lifelong project of leaving the world in better shape than I found it in, no matter how much of a shitshow the next four years turns out to be. Volunteering, donating stuff, time, and money, and being productive with personal and creative projects ought to help me forget about the impending apocalypse.

Maybe I’ll cheer myself up by donating blood today. I’m sure when the rioting starts there will be a lot of injuries and hence a call for it.

UPDATE: Here is an inspiring link to an article my friend wrote – in these situations, rather than give up hope, you should feel the opposite. You should feel determined to fix as much broken shit as you can. In those little fixes, big repairs happen.

Just like when I had cancer, it’s time to do research. It’s time to gather information and realize that every situation can be met with the right tools. It’s time, in short, to get organized, plan for what’s next, and lay groundwork for the rebellion.

Who’s with me?

Acha (just call me Mon Mothma for the next four years)

Read it if you’re feeling shitty. Then, when you’re done feeling shitty bit don’t know what to do with yourself, find something positive to do that will fix something, anything. Fix that broken toilet seat, sew that button back on, wash those dishes! Then, find something else. Keep going! Be useful, to yourself and others! Be the kind of American you think doesn’t exist!

It’s in your hands!

“I’m trying to find a word…”

“…to describe this election without being disrespectfullllll…. “*


Hopefully you noticed my lack of posts during October, which is usually my busiest month. The reason, simply put, is that the American election is going on this year and the possibility of my country flying into a chasm of corruption, racism, cronyism, and orange sludge has been massively getting me down.


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How To Hurricane: A Floridian’s Guide

You do what you can to prepare, and then the choice is sitting up all night having cardiac events every time leaves hit the window, or just go the hell to sleep and deal with everything in the morning.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a Florida native with extensive hurricane experience. Chances are, if it was hurricane above a category 3 that hit Florida between the years of 1978 and now, I have some memory of it, however vague. I actually slept through quite a few, since there’s really nothing you can do but ride it out. You do what you can to prepare, and then the choice is sitting up all night having cardiac events every time leaves hit the window, or just go the hell to sleep and deal with everything in the morning. It’s basically a form of Christmas that no one looks forward to, presided over by a big, soppy ball of wind and rain that leaves wreckage instead of presents.

Matthew was the first serious hurricane I’ve dealt with by myself. It was pretty daunting, considering I know exactly what hurricanes are capable of. Some hurricanes can cause tornados – 2004’s Charley, if I remember correctly, had something like 70 tornadoes, total. Some of them left literal trails of destruction, marked by giant billboards twisted around like pretzels or cars flipped onto their roofs. I’ve already talked about some of the stuff I saw in Miami after Andrew, and what my father saw after Hugo. And of course, there was the most well-known hurricane of all in recent memory: Katrina.

As a child I have a memory of going outside after a hurricane and finding our holly tree- an old tree with a trunk about 4 feet across- snapped off at the base. Just broken, the white heartwood gleaming in the sun.

So I took the news seriously and prepared.

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Post Hurricane Status: Unruffled!

I have a much longer post under construction concerning Hurricane Matthew. Spooky Con was cancelled due to the hurricane, so I have nothing to post about that. I’ll get the longer post-Matthew post up on Wednesday!

In the meantime, please enjoy this music video for ‘Genghis Khan.’ I first heard Miike Snow’s song at the gym, and when I looked up the video I fell madly in love. It’s SO. ADORABLE.

Were you in the hurricane? How did you do?

Florida, Meet Matthew

There is another hurricane bearing down on Orlando. Hurricane Matthew is currently a Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson scale as it batters the Bahamas right now. It is expected to drop to a 3, then rev back up to a 4 again by the time it hits Orlando.

It’s not a storm, it’s the damned Babadook

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