I Got An Acceptance!

I am very excited to announce that a story of mine was accepted to The Creative Truth, a poetry/flash fiction publication. “A History of My Life in Six Glasses” is now available!

You can download the whole Volume as a PDF for free here, or give them money for the print copy here.


Actually, it’s been available since August and I am just dumb. I submitted the story in July, received my acceptance then, and was told that publication would take place when the volume had enough pieces, so the publisher would let me know. Apparently the email got buried under my Mom’s Facebook Like notifications, because I never realized it was available. Earlier this week I thought ‘Hey, I ought to check on that,’ and was delighted to find I’d been accepted! YAY!

**** In Other News****

The big news is that the Army Corps of Engineers blocked the lease on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Although that’s great news, it’s also only the tip of the shitty iceberg (shitberg? GROSS) as apparently the DAPL intended to keep on drilling. It doesn’t seem that they are, but everyone, including the company, expects them to. Whether they still do seems to be up in the air.

Here’s some good news about the viewing habits of young people: More people in the 16-35 age bracket are watching Planet Earth 2 than any reality television. That is wonderful – I FUCKING LOVE Planet Earth and am super looking forward to season 2. I rewatched the whole series (it’s on Instant Watch!) — even the dreaded Polar Bear episode. You know, the one I swore I’d NEVER WATCH AGAIN. I had to return to the well, and I did. I’m not sorry. Although I did cry again.

This isn’t a new story, but I thought it was neat: a former CNN sales executive quit her job to help teach Malawi farmers about tech-sharing, so they can share their information with other people in the region.

And just for fun, here is The Rock singing “You’re Welcome,” from Moana.

I still haven’t seen it, but I’m going tonight (FINALLY) because I need a dose of cheerfulness, fun, and chicken wings at my favorite cinema grill.

Saturday night I have a holiday party, and Sunday I’m going to a wedding. So, full weekend ahead!

Have you got any weekend plans? Have you received any good news lately? Share it! I’d love to hear it!

Three Day Weekend!

Basically it was a small paper bag, filled with explosive powder, and the bag twisted into a fuse. He lit one and threw it into the woods across the highway.

Hola, folks! Now that Game of Thrones is a year away, I’m back to blogging and reviewing. Yay!

On Memorial Day weekend of 2015, I did a massive, MASSIVE amount of writing. For three days, I wore pajamas, ate snacks, drank coffee, and wrote the hell out of Virago. Since I was unable to do that this year (I volunteered at Megacon 2016), I decided to reserve July 4th weekend for my big writing jaunt.

In Florida, fireworks are legal. You can buy them at large tented stands on the roadside, or even at retail giants like Publix, Target, or Walmart. All you have to do is sign a waiver that claims you are using the fireworks to frighten birds away from your crops (I’m not kidding, you have to say you’re using them for agricultural reasons) and you’re ready for a weekend of explosive fun.

While I like the idea of July 4th weekend, a lifetime around people with lax safety standards has left me with a mistrust of fireworks. In delicious irony, the safest encounter with fireworks I ever had was when my dad’s best friend brought us some illegal Mexican fireworks, and by ‘fireworks’ I mean ‘IEDs.’ Basically it was a small paper bag, filled with explosive powder, and the bag twisted into a fuse. He lit one and threw it into the woods across the highway. The explosion nearly took out every window on the block, and our neighbor threatened to call the police.

And mind you, that was the safest encounter I ever had.

Subsequent encounters have left me with catlike reflexes and an aversion to loud noises, but luckily no scars. As such, I intend to stock up on food, snacks, maybe some wine, and then barricade myself inside. I shall don my jammies, fire up my laptop, and try to ignore the screams and pops from outside. I take no chances when fireworks are involved. No one should, as they can  be quite dangerous. 

I will also work on some upcoming posts. Another show that I absolutely love, Penny Dreadful, recently ended and I have MANY thoughts on that. Upcoming posts on that and other topics include:

  • In a Nutshell: Ferdinand Lyle from Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful”
  • As-Yet Untitled Review: Penny Dreadful, Seasons 1-3
  • I Miss Eddie Murphy- Yes, I Know He’s Not Dead

Since Monday’s a holiday, I’ll be posting the In a Nutshell on Tuesday. So please, stay tuned and check back!

And if you’re in the states, or celebrate the 4th, have a happy and safe 4th of July!

Flash Fiction

Over on his blog Terrible Minds, published horror author and cool person Chuck Wendig put up a Flash Fiction challenge. There are some AWESOME stories up already. Inspired, I decided to see what I could come up with.

The Rules:

I want you to write a story in five sentences.

No more than 100 words.

You can view it, if you’d like, as:

Sentence 1: Beginning / Inciting Incident

Sentence 2: Middle

Sentence 3: Middle peak, act turn or pivot

Sentence 4: Climactic turn or twist

Sentence 5: Resolution

That is not a strict map, but rather, a reminder that a story is a story, not a snapshot: it has a beginning, a middle and an end.

I posted it over there in the comments, but I’m also posting it here because I has a proud, however small.

At The End Of The Day

I roll over just before the door opens, and lie still as steps cross the room.

Pressure on the mattress, and then two thumps as heavy work boots land on the floor.

A familiar sigh, and then a person-shaped coldness lies down and stretches out next to me. A hand like a glove left out in the snow touches my face.

“You knew I’d be back,” he says.

“Yes.” I close my eyes, eager for his smell of bay rum and old flannel. I only smell the formaldehyde, and wonder if it was worth it.

The Witch – Short Review and Comparison

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the movie. I just thought it was interesting how two completely different people can create such similar content, without ever meeting.

The Witch is definitely everything I expected, from all the reviews and thinkpieces I’ve read of it, with a few surprises.

Although it’s a horror film, it’s more concerned with building atmosphere and character than throwing out cheap scares. The imagery puts me in mind of Jean-Jacques Annaud’s nature pieces, like The Bear. The soundtrack is beautiful and at times incredibly offputting, as an atonal women’s chorus swells, or strange instruments pluck and rattle, setting your nerves on edge.

The period setting has been exhaustively researched, and director/writer Robert Eggers has perfectly recreated a setting that lends itself to horror particularly well.

It’s not a horror movie for everyone, and I wonder if it will catch fire the way that a lot of people seem to think it will – I can’t see a group of people renting it on Redbox and pounding beers while watching it, but I never would have imagined Downton Abbey would blow up the way it did, either. I have LOADS of praise for it, but I won’t say too much just now. But the last ten minutes – SO awesome.

Anyway, I did notice a lot of parallels with my own work. I’ll put them behind a cut to spare people spoilers from the movie, but if you’re not intending on seeing the movie anyway then you might enjoy knowing where there’s overlap – and where there isn’t.

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Just Barely Awake

Imagine! A guy in his loincloth, eating fish and coconuts. He did wind up having health problems as a result and had to come back to civilization, but still. I LOVE That this happened in the modern age.

[EDIT: Heh, you know you’re burned out when you post an entry to the wrong blog. This entry was supposed to go up on Mudder of Dragons, but I shall leave it here. Let it serve as a reminder to me of what happens when I do too much at once and DON’T double check what I’m doing!]

Trying to remain upright at work, I stumbled across this very excellent article about a man, an atoll, and his cats.

The Self-Made Castaway and His Cats

Imagine! A guy in his loincloth, eating fish and coconuts. He did wind up having health problems as a result and had to come back to civilization, but still. I LOVE that this happened in the modern age.

I am working on a big blog post about my book release party, and should have that up later this week. It’ll even have pictures! WOO!

Having my folks stay with me and then having to stand and talk about my book for hours was more tiring than I thought it would be, even though I had a LOT of fun. After my folks left yesterday I spent most of the day in a daze, watching movies (and recovering from the mild hangover), playing with my cat (he’s TOTALLY all better now, thankfully) and eating. Other than doing stuff with the folks in the morning, I only left the house to go for a walk in the evening.

It’s probably being worn out from the party Saturday night that has me wanting to go live on a deserted island (with cats and a loincloth). I love my friends and family and I am hugely appreciative that they came out in support of my weird little habit, but I love silence, too.