Escape Into Storytelling News – Future Podcasts and Book News

Good morning, friend!

Here are some developments happening with Virago that I’m excited to share with you! Read on for musings on self-promotion and to find out what’s ahead for Escape Into Storytelling!

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Beginning February 12th, I will be podcasting my short stories and novels, performing them like old-timey radio plays every week – FREE OF CHARGE! Yes, it’s true!

Hello, Reader!

I would like to make an exciting announcement – the start of a new chapter to my creative journey: podcasting. I am starting a fiction podcast titled Escape Into Storytelling!

Beginning February 12th, I will be podcasting my short stories and novels, performing them like old-timey radio plays every week – FREE OF CHARGE! Yes, it’s true!

I’m not selling anything!

The reason is simple: although I love writing and creating, and I know my work is good enough to be sold (because it has), I hate the idea of turning my love into a hustle. I already have a full time job. While it’s nice to dream of a day when writing pays all my bills, better to hope for that day while still swimming for shore.

For folks who feel moved to contribute, I will set up a donation button. You can donate however much or little, or nothing, that you want.

The complete novels and story collections will be available for purchase from the Amazon/Kindle store again in a few months, but the podcasts will be free to download or stream. The Secret Wilderness and Virago have undergone extensive revision and workshopping since their initial publications, and since I would feel like a jerk selling people the same damned book they already bought, the books or ebooks will be free of charge for old readers.

Late to the Theater is not going anywhere, don’t worry. All your favorite rants and musings on film, books, comics, food, Florida, and hurricanes will still be available. And since I will still have opinions on such, there will be more postings of same in the future.

So please, remember to like, subscribe, and share to help spread the word! And keep an eye on this space for future announcements!


Saying Goodbye to Things

Things are not alive. They don’t have meaning other than that which an individual imbues in them. Things are myriad and ultimately worthless to others but priceless to their owners: A 20-year-old band T-shirt that looks more like a fishnet these days; a favorite cooking pot; a piece of shit lawn mower that should have been replaced years ago but whose quirks are known and familiar; a tiny car that zips between tractor trailers on wet highways but always brings its driver home safe.

Things become more than just Things.

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Cinema Quarantino: Comfort Watching

Comfort watching can be anything from reality TV to period costume romances to challenging arthouse fare to old horror movies.

Howdy readers! 

Sometimes the only way to deal with a uncontrollable and terrifying situation is to jump feetfirst into something else. In an attempt to manage my near paralyzing fear right now, I’ll be doing my best to blog more often. It’s a win-win: I regain a sense of control over my world, and you can be entertained for however long it takes you to get through a thousand words or so. So let’s dive in!

Happy Thursday!

Today we’re going to talk about comfort watching – what it is, and how to do it successfully. So however you get comfy before you comfort watch, do that now; put on your PJs, your workout clothes, a homemade cosplay project, or nothing at all (no judgment!) and settle in for a little chat!

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It’s My WordPress Anniversary!

Today marks my 7th year on WordPress. It’s been a long journey from zero readers to more than 200. I’ve met some fantastic people through this site and discovered some incredibly insightful and fascinating blogs. I am so thankful for having this outlet that brings so many different voices and points of view together!

I know I said I would have something on stop-motion animation today, but I couldn’t get it together in time due to some work stuff going on. The tl;dr is that it’s good news, all of it, but it means I will have to be way more involved in my job and travel quite a bit, which bites into my watching movies and TV, writing, working out, and cooking time. So I will DO MY BEST to keep coming up with articles that are at the least entertaining, if not informative.

So happy Friday to you! I hope you’re heading into a weekend full of fun and relaxing things. See you next week!