Oh, For Heaven’s SAKE…

Some folks in the comments on that post have suggested gender-swapping Jareth and starring someone like Tilda Swinton (SWINTON) or Annie Lennox.


Look, I know a lot of people on the East Coast are having Real World Problems right now due to Winter Storm Jonas. That really sucks, and having myself lived through some hurricanes that caused massive wreckage, my heart goes out to them on this Monday morning. I hope you all make it to work if you can, and if you can’t, may your power be unflagging and your internet connection without lag. 

That said, I have to talk about this:

Sorry Everyone, a Labyrinth Reboot is In the Works

I’m not going on a tear about how this is destroying my childhood or whatever. Things change, the center cannot hold, and any thing that generates buzz is considered up for grabs for a remake. I will always have the original. And hey, Guardians of the Galaxy turned out to be a hell of a great surprise, AND they have an actual Henson involved! We shall see.

[EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that the screenwriter took to Twitter to discuss and defend the decision to go ahead with this ‘re-envisioning.’ We will see! ]

Some folks in the comments on that post have suggested gender-swapping Jareth and starring someone like Tilda Swinton (SWINTON) or Annie Lennox. Both ideas intrigue me, even if they aren’t in the spirit of the original story, which is an exploration of female burgeoning sexuality. I would also accept Janelle Monae, or time-traveling Grace Jones.

As for male performers?

I could see Tom Hiddleston pulling it off. By all accounts he can sing, as he proved in the Hank Williams Biopic, and the man can dance like whoa. Orrr…. Uh.

Yeah I got nothing. I poured my coffee into my water glass and my friend’s oatmeal exploded in the microwave, so the day isn’t off to a great start.

We COULD go the opposite direction and imagine WORST CASE scenarios… 

Sorry, that was a low-blow. I’m just crabby today.

Got any suggestions for who could be the next Goblin King? Is there someone I just don’t know about?

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11 thoughts on “Oh, For Heaven’s SAKE…”

    1. LOL. Well-said, sir!
      Glad you all made it through that mess all right! And that you got to be the SnowShovel Hero to the family! 😀

  1. I’m going to have to thoroughly chastise you for that Beiber reference. Any time of the day is too early in the morning for a woman to get hit with that! Whew!

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of racebending of Jareth in Labyrinth. i would love to see him played by an Asian or Hispanic man. I’m pretty sure that we will end up with “Basic White Guy” though because Hollywood has no imagination when it comes to such things. it will.probably someone we like but are still really really tired of seeing everywhere. I love me some Tom Hiddleston, but he don’t have to be in everything (even though that sweetie is anything but Basic.)

    And what do you know, I may like the reboot, or just never watch it at all, thereby keeping my childhood firmly intact.

    1. Lol, sorry! I have been sitting on that evil thought for a while and needed to Ring Video it into other people’s heads. Forgive me my transgression!

      ” i would love to see him played by an Asian or Hispanic man.”

      If I remember correctly, wasn’t Jareth’s look based on the look of 80s anime characters? It would be kind of serendipitous if an Asian pop star played him. I know nothing of that world so I couldn’t even try to suggest someone.
      Indeed, our childhoods will not be erased by a reboot of something we loved. 😀

  2. It’s a reboot? I thought it was a sequel – both of which are blasphemous, especially without Bowie. Why can’t new generations just be shown the original and love it for what it is, without it being vamped up to, presumably, the CGI max?

    I still play it at school on the rare occasions we get chance to have film days and they love it!

    That said, I have a weird fascination with Tilda and everything these days seems to be about role reversal, so that might be an interesting shout. I’d watch it for Hiddleston though – but only because I like his face. NOT because I think he could be a better Jareth!

    1. Oh I don’t think it’s about making it ‘better’ or anything. The possible screenwriter says that people are incorrectly calling it a ‘reboot’ when apparently it’s something else.
      I do still love the original, and I don’t think anyone could remake it, but I wouldn’t be averse to another story set in the same universe. We shall see!

    1. Lol, noted! From the screenwriter’s explanation on Twitter it is sounding less like a reboot than a reimagining, or a revisit to the same world but with different characters. So we will see!

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