Oh, For Heaven’s SAKE…

Some folks in the comments on that post have suggested gender-swapping Jareth and starring someone like Tilda Swinton (SWINTON) or Annie Lennox.


Look, I know a lot of people on the East Coast are having Real World Problems right now due to Winter Storm Jonas. That really sucks, and having myself lived through some hurricanes that caused massive wreckage, my heart goes out to them on this Monday morning. I hope you all make it to work if you can, and if you can’t, may your power be unflagging and your internet connection without lag. 

That said, I have to talk about this:

Sorry Everyone, a Labyrinth Reboot is In the Works

I’m not going on a tear about how this is destroying my childhood or whatever. Things change, the center cannot hold, and any thing that generates buzz is considered up for grabs for a remake. I will always have the original. And hey, Guardians of the Galaxy turned out to be a hell of a great surprise, AND they have an actual Henson involved! We shall see.

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David Bowie – Final Thoughts on the Passing of A Legend

I wish I could say that I heard Ziggy Stardust and fell immediately in love with Bowie’s music. That I was instantly a lifelong fan, that I connected immediately and felt that a long-empty void in my life had been filled. The truth is, none of that happened.

It’s taken me a little while to process the passing of someone whom I’ve never met, and yet who had a profound impact on my life. I did not know Mr. Bowie, and I never saw him live, but I’ve known who he was since I was seven years old.

Today I’d like to tell you about David Bowie’s influence on me, what it means to have lost him, and how I came to terms with his loss.

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And Suddenly, My Week is Looking Up

I have been having a rough week, which has become a boring refrain the last few months. But! This week is already looking up!

Enzian hosts David Bowie Tribute Week

They are playing The Man Who Fell to Earth and Labyrinth. I’ve never seen Man who Fell to Earth so I might see that. I am DEFINITELY seeing Labyrinth though.

AMPAS Gold Standard Series

I’ve written about my love of the Enzian  before, so I will try to do a writeup after I see it. God, I saw the original 30 YEARS AGO. Whew!

I owe this blog a write-up of Hateful Eight and the Revenant, which I am working on for…. probably Friday.

I hope you’re having a great week!

Movie Props!

I’m going to assume you are familiar with these films and the objects, and not explain the films so much as why I am willing to spend an hour with a needle in my arm to own them. Here we go!

Recently I was contacted by Ryan Stills of Invaluable.com, an auction site for anything from estate lots to fine art to fine wines. I poked about on the site and found some really neat stuff, I must say. They even have antique furniture! REAL antique furniture, from 17th-century England! POSH!

The company does auctions on movie props, and he asked me what props I might like to own to help get an idea what kinds of things movie fans might be interested in owning. The question really got me thinking. I don’t collect much stuff anymore, for the following reasons:

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