Say Hello To the Person In the Seat Next to You On the Burning Plane

So from me to you, I hope you’ll hear me and believe me when I say It’s going to be okay.

I’m still alive! Just busy.

I’ve been watching a lot of movies, but haven’t had time to blog about them. I’ve been working on fiction, and wrote up an entry on Mudder of Dragons about my trip to New York and I’m working on another one for tomorrow. Go check it out if you’re bored or stuck in traffic!

Patricksponaugle linked to an amazing Oatmeal comic on Twitter last night and reading it really gave me pause. Here it is:

It’s going to be okay.  

You need to read it. Right now. Don’t save it for later, don’t scroll past and think ‘Oh I’ll read that later’ like I almost did, because I am NOTORIOUS for such and then forgetting. Just read it. It takes less than five minutes.


If we are alive and reading this, we’re all on that burning plane RIGHT NOW, and we all have the opportunity to tell someone ‘It’s going to be okay.‘ Half of the act is saying it out loud – the other half is believing it yourself once you’ve said it.

It’s easy to gloss over the nuance of human suffering with what seems like a platitude… but really, it’s true. Holding on to hope in times of desperation is one of the best things about humanity – maybe that sounds like bullshit off a greeting card, and people say it all the time in situations when things AREN’T going to be okay and bad things happen anyway… but that isn’t what life’s about.

It actually reminded me of something that happened to me, one of my life’s great regrets.

The rest of this entry is behind a cut because it deals with the death of a family member and a personal failing on the part of the writer. I invite you to read it, but please be warned, it’s depressing.

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Just Barely Awake

Imagine! A guy in his loincloth, eating fish and coconuts. He did wind up having health problems as a result and had to come back to civilization, but still. I LOVE That this happened in the modern age.

[EDIT: Heh, you know you’re burned out when you post an entry to the wrong blog. This entry was supposed to go up on Mudder of Dragons, but I shall leave it here. Let it serve as a reminder to me of what happens when I do too much at once and DON’T double check what I’m doing!]

Trying to remain upright at work, I stumbled across this very excellent article about a man, an atoll, and his cats.

The Self-Made Castaway and His Cats

Imagine! A guy in his loincloth, eating fish and coconuts. He did wind up having health problems as a result and had to come back to civilization, but still. I LOVE that this happened in the modern age.

I am working on a big blog post about my book release party, and should have that up later this week. It’ll even have pictures! WOO!

Having my folks stay with me and then having to stand and talk about my book for hours was more tiring than I thought it would be, even though I had a LOT of fun. After my folks left yesterday I spent most of the day in a daze, watching movies (and recovering from the mild hangover), playing with my cat (he’s TOTALLY all better now, thankfully) and eating. Other than doing stuff with the folks in the morning, I only left the house to go for a walk in the evening.

It’s probably being worn out from the party Saturday night that has me wanting to go live on a deserted island (with cats and a loincloth). I love my friends and family and I am hugely appreciative that they came out in support of my weird little habit, but I love silence, too.

Thursday, Better Known as Friday Eve

In Which The Author Doesn’t Say Much of Value Other Than An Apology

Happy Friday Eve, Dear Readers!

It continues to be a hell of a week – hell of a month actually, but I’m not getting into that.

But there’s hope on the horizon, swirling toward us like Falcor from the dawn-touched clouds in The Neverending Story – FRIDAY. 

I Can See Friday From Here!
I Can See Friday From Here!

Although not a payday Friday. Ah well, can’t have everything!

Sorry I’ve not been posting much here. I’ve been watching stuff but haven’t had the mental energy for a really in-depth analysis of anything lately. I’m planning a round up of posts from the archives that will help orient new readers (HELLO AND WELCOME NEW READERS!), but haven’t sat down to work it out yet.

So bear with me! New posts are coming!

I hope your week is going well!