People Eating Together: Making Tonkotsu Ramen and a Huge Mess

Would my soup baby be a delicious umami angel, or a revolting demon that tasted of sweaty, burnt feet? 

Hello Dear Reader! Normally People Eating Together posts at Late to the Theater discuss that age old tradition of cannibalism, but today we’re going to discuss cooking. RAMEN cooking, to be precise! So grab a snack or a drink and settle in for a long, rambling ramen-ing kind of time as a novice takes on a classic of Japanese cookery. Note: this recipe is an amalgam of methods taught by Adam Liaw and Joshua Weissman. Please watch their videos to learn properly! Also, I’m not being paid by anyone to write this post. All opinions expressed are my own. 


This, too, can  be all yours for the low, low price of 24 hours of labor! 

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Little Bits

Not much in the way of a long entry today, but here are some little bits!

  • John Wick 2 – I wasn’t going to say anything, but I am pregnant with this movie’s offspring. At least one week. But seriously, it was MAGNIFICENT and you should see it. The movies are intended to be a trilogy, so this one is a bit of a bridge, but it still is AWESOME. Loved it from start to finish.
  • Life Stuff – Going well! Cooking, writing, peopling, and in my downtime I’ve picked up playing Skyrim again. The memories! The memes! The hilarious moments! I had completely forgotten how unprepared for fighting giants I was!
  • Fewds – I did my taxes*, got my tax return, and got a new (but irregular) All-Clad 12-inch skillet from Cookware and More and a mandoline slicer. I already have used the skillet a few times and it is MAGIC!
  • Politics – *drinking sounds*

Please enjoy this thing, which I saw years ago and forgot it existed until I was reminded the other day. I love rediscovering old things! It’s like rummaging in your attic and finding old treasures! NOTE: this video is totally fake and was created in a studio with greenscreens. No cats were thrown out of planes in the making of this video. Their little back paws floating in the air like ^V^ make me laugh very hard, though.

“Whatever.” ~ Skydiving cats, probably.

*Being an unmarried, childless, landless peasant with no side hustle means my taxes are wonderfully simple. I do them on Turbotax every year! 

People Eating Together- Some Hannibal-Inspired Cooking

Put the pomegranate seeds out on a rimmed tray, roll the cheese ball gently over them, and try not to sing the Katamari Damacy song. Plot twist: You CAN’T.


Today’s entry is all about what I’ve been cooking lately. If you’ll recall, some friends of mine (who are THE BEST) got me Janice Poon’s Feeding Hannibal book for Christmas. Within its glossy pages are essays on cooking, entertaining guides, food styling anecdotes from the show, and best of all, recipes! There’s also some absolutely stunning photography of the food and settings. Just the thing to get a depressed food nerd through the holidays!

Below the cut* you’ll find pictures of some of the meals I’ve made recently, including recipes from the book and elsewhere. All the meals were made for me, my significant other, and my friends – just so you don’t think I’m making these and then eating them alone. I haven’t managed to ask my friends if I could post images of them for the feature, because ‘Can I take a picture of you for my blog entry on cannibalism’ just sounds wrong no matter how you slice* it.

So, let’s dig* in!

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Happy Friday the 13th!

Not much content today – it was a busy week, although I am working on a big ‘Hannibal-Inspired Dinners I Have Cooked’ entry. I did a nice roast pork loin last weekend, and this weekend is going to be beef burgundy. So check back in a week for that! I’m going to post them under the subtitle People Eating Together– interpret it how you like.

In the meantime and apropos of the mildly spooky date, please enjoy Concrete Blonde’s ‘Bloodletting,’ aka ‘The Vampire Song.’

I think we can all agree that we ALL need to go down by the river where it’s warm and green, have a drink, walk around, because we got a lot to think about. 

Friday At Last!

It’s not just recipes, it’s cooking advice and entertaining too!

For only being in the office four days, this week was starting to feel a hell of a lot longer. Part of it is work stress, part of it was the usual ‘broke before payday’ blues, part of it was problems with my car, and part of it was the existential mind-melt that American political news has become.  What is it the kids say about they can’t even? That. That is what I can’t right now.

And with all the peculiar astronomical phenomena last year and this, it’s tempting to ascribe the current social climate to some kind of temporary madness; mostly because temporary things END and we can get back to sweet, sweet sanity. But I digress.

Lately I’ve been cooking up a storm, mostly due to possibly one of the greatest Xmas gifts I’ve ever gotten:

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